USS Thresher SS200


Thresher Painting


THRESHER is depicted above in a black and white oil painting by well-known World War II era artist John Vickery. The painting was commissioned by The Electric Boat Company, builder of THRESHER and many other submarines of that age and this. Used in a promotional campaign conducted by Electric Boat, the picture appeared in Proceedings Magazine, the publication of the U. S. Naval Institute. A life-long subscriber to the magazine, THRESHER’s first skipper, Rear Admiral William L. Anderson, saw the picture and, thinking it was a photograph, wrote to the President of The Electric Boat Company inquiring where he might obtain a copy it. The Electric Boat executive remembered Admiral (then Lt. Commander) Anderson from his days in Groton and wrote in return that the picture was an oil painting, but that there was a problem. The painting, no longer needed in the advertising campaign, had either been sold or donated and was no longer in the possession of Electric Boat. Some time later, and after some effort on the part of the President of the company, he wrote to Admiral Anderson telling him that the painting had been retrieved and that it was being sent to him as a gift for his important role in the life of the ship and in gratitude for his service. The painting was prominently displayed in Adm. Anderson’s home for many years, and hung above his bed in his last residence until his death in November 2004. The painting now hangs in the offices of Adm. Anderson’s grandson.

                                                                                                                               Thresher Painting Image 2005 Neil L. Wilkinson.



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