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USS Thresher SS200



USS Torsk SS-423

Homepage of the USS Torsk SS-423, and the Torsk Volunteer Association (aka The Torsk Bandits).  The Torsk is currently a museum ship moored in Baltimore's Inner Harbor.   I am a volunteer on Torsk, and can be found there on at least one day most weekends.   In addition, I am currently the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Torsk Volunteer Association.

Torsk Bandits' BBS

An online BBS to find out about the latest happenings of the Torsk Bandits.

TorskDoc's Homepage

Homepage of Larry "Doc" Derouin.  Excellent source of submarine information.  Especially for USS Rock SSR-274, USS Dentuda SS-335, USS Catfish SS-339, USS Sam Houston SSBN-609, & USS Halibut SSN-587.

Rontini's Free Submarine BBS

An online BBS on Submarine related topics.  An excellent source of stories, and information on Submarines of virtually all eras and nationalities.  


An excellent source of technical, sci-fi, computer, and scientific news.  Billed by themselves as "News for Nerds, stuff that matters".  


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