*** The following is a list  of books that are either in the personal collections of TVA Members, 
or are in the Boat's Library.  If you are interested in borrowing a book, contact the appropriate owner,
 or if from the Boat's Library, contact Bruce or Gilbert.
Title Publisher Publication # Publication Date Condition Location Copy or Original Notes
1.) Torpedoman's Mate 3 & 2 NAVPERS 10163-A 1972 Good Gilbert Original
2.) Torpedoman's Mate 1 & C NAVTRA 10164-A none Good Gilbert Original
3.) Boatswain's Mate 3 & 2 NAVPERS 10121-D 1964 Good Gilbert Original
4.) Electrician's Mate 3 & 2 NAVPERS 10546-B 1968 Good Gilbert Original
5.) Quartermaster 3 & 2 NAVPERS 10149-D 1968 Fair Gilbert Original Has been 3-Ring Punched
6.) Type II Operators Technical Manual Submarine Periscope Type  NAVSHIPS 324-0442 1962 Good Gilbert Copy
8B & Camera Adaptor Components Design Designation 125KN36
7.) Technical Manual Submarine Periscope Type 2A Design  NAVSHIPS 324-0293 1957 Good Gilbert Copy
Designations 106KA40/HA & 109KA40/HA 
8.) Marine Diesel Manual 1944 Good Gilbert Original
9.) Machinists Handbook Fairbanks Morse Model 38D8-1/8 Opposed 1955 Good Gilbert Original
Piston Locomotive Engines
10.) Engine Repair Parts List for Fairbanks Morse Diesel Electric 1949 Fair Gilbert Original
Locomotive O.P. Engines
11.) Fairbanks Morse Maintenance Bulletin Model 38D8-1/8 Diesel  Feb-56 Fair Gilbert Original